Single Person Discount Review 2018


Single Person Discount Review 2018

Councils across East Sussex are joining forces to conduct a review of how many people may be incorrectly claiming a Single Person Discount on their Council Tax. This will help keep Council Tax as low as possible for all Council Tax payers.


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What should you do now?

Please confirm your current details by clicking on the Single Person's Discount Review link above. To access your form you will need to enter your unique PIN number. You can find this PIN number on the letter we have sent to you.

If you have any questions regarding the form or require further information click on the link below to access the frequently asked questions page.

Single Person's Discount frequently asked questions (FAQs)


More about the Single Person Discount Review.

Each year local authorities nationwide receive a high volume of applications for the 25% Single person's Council Tax discount. There are currently 14,653 people in Rother claiming Single Person Discount, which reduces the annual Council Tax bill by more than £450 for a Band D property.  Some residents may fail to report a change in circumstances that would change their entitlement to this discount.  

Rother District Council has joined the other district and borough councils in East Sussex to commission Datatank to carry out the Single Person Discount review on their behalf helping to save money by removing the need for individual Council reviews.

Datatank Ltd uses a combination of Council data, third party data sources and specialist validation services. This is to:

  • Reaffirm the discount for genuine claimants efficiently and accurately.
  • Remove ineligible or erroneous claims and increase revenue for the Council.
  • To provide "fairness for all" residents so that those that are paying the correct level of Council Tax are not subsiding their fellow residents who are erroneously claiming the discount.


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