Community safety and emergencies

Community safety and emergencies

Information about community safety, crime prevention and planning for emergencies.

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Community safety

Welcome to the Community Safety pages for the Safer Rother Partnership and Rother District Council Find out more about Community safety
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Emergency planning

Rother District Council have an Emergency Planning Service which operates in partnership with the Emergency Services, primarily the Police, Fire and Rescue and National Health services as well as neighbouring local authorities. Find out more about Emergency planning
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Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles are an unnecessary hazard. We work with Sussex Police and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to ensure this hazard is minimised. Find out more about Abandoned Vehicles
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Anti-social behaviour

Find out how to report anti-social behaviour, such as damaging the environment, low-level disputes and clashes of life-style, or causing serious nuisance to others and even threats of violence and criminal activity. Find out more about Anti-social behaviour
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Domestic abuse

If you are experiencing domestic abuse or if you know someone who may be, then it's important to talk to someone! Find out more about Domestic abuse
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As in all towns and villages, Rother District occasionally experiences problems with Graffiti style criminal damage. Find out more about Graffiti
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You can report vandalism to council property via our website. Find out more about Vandalism
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Online safety

It's important to protect yourself, your computers and mobiles device against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online. Find out more about Online safety

Child protection and adults at risk

People, young and old, have a fundamental human right to live a life free from harm and abuse, which is also a basic and essential requirement for their health and well-being. Keeping people of all ages safe is everybody's business and responsibility. Find out more about Child protection and adults at risk
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