Other Activities


Other Activities

The Council is also involved with a number of other activities which help to support its Regeneration Strategy objectives:

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Development of Strategic Sites - The Council works in partnership with developers, landowners and other statutory agencies to try to bring forward the development of key sites in the district which have the potential for providing space for businesses to develop and expand. 

Provision of community services - The Council is proactive in its approach to securing the continuation of vital services to local communities:

  • Rother District Council's Community Grant Scheme has been created to support the development of community facilities, community activities and sustainable local action.

    Applications to the scheme are welcomed from properly constituted organisations serving the community of Rother. It is intended that the scheme will "pump prime" new projects. In order to be considered for assistance, it will be necessary to show that there is substantial local support for a project; that the project is sustainable (i.e. can operate in the longer term) and that funding has been obtained from other sources including Town/Parish Councils. Other funding could be from local voluntary organisations, fund raising or other regional/national organisations.

    For more information go to the Community Grant Scheme web page.
  • Regeneration and the Planning Process - The Regeneration Division works closely with the Council's planning and development function to offer a positive and practical approach to planning matters and to seek solutions to the issues that hinder business development. 

    The Regeneration Division is also called upon to advise the Council on planning applications, particularly where this might involve, for example, the loss of business accommodation. The demand for housing and the higher margins to be made from residential development mean that vacant business sites are under constant pressure for residential redevelopment.  The need to provide housing is therefore balanced against the requirements of a sustainable local economy, and this is embedded in the current Local Planand draft
  • Transport

    The Council works closely with highway authorities, local transport providers and community groups on a range of transport issues, through the Rother Transport Group. We also lobby for improvements to the strategic transport network serving the District.
  • Superfast Broadband

    East Sussex County Council, in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council, launched the 'eSussex Project' - improving Internet connectivity for homes and business across East Sussex. To find out more, please visit East Sussex County Council's Superfast Broadband page

    The eSussex Project  website provides even more information and provides a 'postcode checker' so you can keep up to date with any improvements in your area.

  • External Funding

    The Council has a long track record in securing external funding in support of regeneration activity. Recent successes include the securing of £1m through the Government's 'Sea change' programme to support the Next Wave refurbishment of Bexhill Seafront; and £230,000 from SEEDA to support improvements to the road junction at Marley Lane, Battle to unlock commercial development potential there. We have also successfully bid for funding through the EU's INTERREG programme for a range of projects, most recently the '21st Century Parks' project to support initiatives at Bexhill and Camber.

WARR Partnership's rural RDPE Leader funding programme - The Council acts as the accountable body and the programme will run until the end of 2013. For more information visit the WARR Partnership Website .

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