Development and Site Allocations (DaSA) Local Plan


Development and Site Allocations (DaSA) Local Plan

This Plan allocates sites for particular uses as well as setting out more detailed policies for the effective management of development in relation to key issues.

The DaSA implements the development strategy and core policies set out in the Core Strategy.

The DaSA does not include housing allocations in designated Neighbourhood Plan Areas. Further details are available on the Neighbourhood Plans page.


DaSA Local Plan: Inspectors Report

On 5 November 2019, Rother District Council received the Inspector's Report on the Examination of the Rother Development and Site Allocations Local Plan. As such, the Examination into the DaSA Local Plan is now concluded.

For details about the Examination, please see the DaSA Examination page.


DaSA Local Plan: Modifications

The consultations on both the Main Modifications to the Submission version of the DaSA Local Plan (including changes to Policies Maps) and the Additional Modifications has now concluded. Both consultations ran from Tuesday 30 July to Tuesday 10 September 2019.

All representations on Main Modifications and changes to Policies Maps have been submitted to the Inspector for consideration. Responses to Additional Modifications will only be considered by the Council and not by the Inspector as they do not relate to the soundness of the plan.

In addition, a small number of representations were received which were not related to any Modifications and can be viewed below.

A Consultation Statement has been prepared, which summarises the consultation procedures and representations received.

Main Modifications and changes to Policies Maps

The Council prepared a schedule setting out the proposed Main Modifications and changes to Policies Maps that were considered necessary in order for the DaSA Local Plan to be found sound. This document, along with a Sustainability Appraisal Report Addendum and Habitats Regulations Assessment Addendum, were available to make representations on.

For clarity, a Modifications Consultation version of the DaSA was produced which included all of the proposed Main Modifications, Additional Modifications and changes to Policies Maps. Please see below.

Additional Modifications

Additionally, as a distinct exercise which is not a part of the DaSA Local Plan Public Examination process, the Council undertook a separate consultation on Additional (Minor) Modifications to the DaSA Local Plan. Responses to these modifications will only be considered by the Council and not by the Inspector as they do not relate to the soundness of the plan.


DaSA Local Plan: Submission

The DaSA Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination on 18 January 2019. A Planning Inspector, appointed by the Secretary of State, is now conducting an examination into the Plan's soundness and legal compliance. Representations made during the public consultation will be considered as part of the examination.

Full details are contained within the pdf icon Notice of Submission and Availability of Documents (Jan 2019) [124kb].

The DaSA Local Plan and supporting documents are available to view below and a full index of all documents submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (including links to the documents) is also available here: pdf icon Submission DaSA Document List [57kb].

All representations submitted during the proposed submission consultation have been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (including any attachments and supplementary reports). These are available to view on the Council's Online Representation System and copies of the representations (in both Policy and Respondent order) are included within the index of documents submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.

Hard copies of the DaSA Local Plan (Proposed Submission version) and supporting documents will also be available for inspection at the Town Hall, Bexhill-on-Sea, TN39 3JX.


DaSA Local Plan: Supporting Documents


Purchasing hard copies of the documents

To purchase a physical copy of the Proposed Submission DaSA Local Plan documents, please click the link below to be redirected to our Online Payments Service.

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