The District of Rother (Off Street) Parking Places Order 2019


The District of Rother (Off Street) Parking Places Order 2019

This consultation will run from 17 May to 26 July 2019 CLOSED

Over 250 members of the public and some local organisations have responded to this consultation.

Why Do We Need a New Parking Places Order?

The current Parking Places Order covers the management of all Rother District Council owned car parks listed within the order.  It was created in 1983 and needs to be brought up to date to accommodate changes in how customers use our car parks.  As an example, it does not make reference to new electronic and online methods of payment that are now available to customers at many of our car parks. 

Several changes to the order are required to bring it up to date and ensure all our off-street parking areas are included.  The best way to do this is to create a new order.  We recommend you read the full details of the word icon draft Parking Places Order [30kb] along with excel icon Schedule Two [31kb] listing the car parks and parking places and word icon Schedule Three [30kb] listing free car parks and ticket prices for chargeable parking. 

The two main changes

We wish to highlight two significant changes, which may affect how you use a car park or parking area.

1. All car parks and parking areas under Rother District Council will be brought under the new Parking Places Order. 

Currently, not all our car parks or parking areas are in the order.  This mean in these excluded parking areas it is difficult to resolve problems, which adversely affects other people using the car park or parking area.  Problems can range from a vehicle being parked over multiple bays, parking over a long period of time and then not leaving, living in a vehicle and trading/running a business without permission.  Sometimes, people think if a parking area is free, or not white lined, or in a quiet location, they can behave differently.

  • If all the car parks and parking places are included in the order it gives Rother District Council greater ability to prevent people misusing these areas through the use of similar parking enforcement used in our existing car parks.   For example, if people overstay the maximum waiting period, they may receive a standard charge notice as set out in excel icon Schedule 2 [31kb].
  • Unfortunately, the misuse of parking areas has become more of a problem in recent years, especially in some rural villages.  Including them in the order will improve access to more people wishing to use the car park of parking area.
  • Another change to the order addresses confusion over where motor homes can park.  excel icon Schedule 2 [31kb] sets out clearly which car parks and parking areas would and would not be accessible to motor homes.  This will help motor home drivers choose where to park.
  • A consequence of the new order is that, in future years, the council could apply different sections of the order to more parking areas.  For example, in the future, Rother District Council may seek approval to introduce parking charges in some car parking places that are currently free to use, up to the maximum waiting period. 

2.  Most of the car parks and parking areas will have the maximum waiting period changed from 24 hours to 23 hours.  

  • Waiting period means the maximum amount of time that a vehicle can stay in a car park or parking area without leaving.
  • A vehicle would have to leave for one hour before returning.
  • This means we can enforce more quickly against people overstaying and in turn this means more parking spaces available for other people.
  • It will NOT affect permit holders.

We want to know whether or not these changes will affect you and what impact they might have.  The information we collect from you will be presented to the Rother District Councillors to help them to make a final decision on the District of Rother (Off-Street) Parking Places Order 2019. 

How to Respond:  Residents and visitors can use this online response form:  

Organisations, businesses and the public can either email or write to us at Car Parking Order Consultation, Programme Office & Policy Team, Rother District Council, Town Hall, Bexhill, TN39 3JX.   Please tell us if you agree or disagree with our two main proposals and any information about specific car parks that you wish the councillors to take into account before making a decision.

This consultation CLOSED on Friday, 26 July 2019. 

Any responses received after that date are at risk of not being included in the final analysis.  Progress updates will be placed on this web article over the consultation period.  

List of the Council's car parks and parking areas: 

There is more detail in excel icon Schedule 2 [31kb] and word icon Schedule 3 [30kb].


  • Mount Street - charges apply 0900 - 1900 - maximum wait 23 hours
  • Upper Market - charges apply 0900 - 1900 - maximum wait 23 hours
  • Lower Market - charges apply 0900 - 1900 - maximum wait 23 hours 
  • Market Square Coach Park - free - 5 hours


  • De La Warr Pavilion - charges apply 0800 - 2000 - maximum wait 23 hours
  • Eversley Road - charges apply 0800 - 2000 - maximum wait 23 hours
  • Little Common - charges apply 0800 - 2000 - maximum wait 23 hours
  • Western Road - dedicated annual permit holders only (24 hours)
  • Wainwright Road - charges apply for all day parking - maximum wait 23 hours
  • Wainwright Road Coach & Lorry Park - free - 23 hours
  • Beeching Close - free - 23 hours
  • Sidley car park - free - 23 hours
  • Richmond Road, Polegrove - free - 23 hours
  • Galley Hill top - free - 23 hours
  • Galley Hill bottom - free - 23 hours
  • Manor Barn and gardens - free - 23 hours
  • Sidley Community Centre - free - 23 hours
  • Bexhill Leisure Centre - free - 23 hours
  • Egerton Park - free - 23 hours
  • Broad Oak Park - free - 23 hours
  • Little Common Recreation Ground - free - 23 hours
  • War Memorial, Bexhill - free - 23 hours
  • Town Hall, front - free - 23 hours
  • St Mary's recreation ground - free - 23 hours
  • The Gorses, Little Common - 23 hours


  • Bedford Place and Lucknow Place - charges apply 0900 - 1900 - maximum wait 23 hours
  • Cinque Ports Street and the Strand - charges apply 0900 - 1900 -  maximum wait 23 hours
  • Rye Sports Centre car park - charges apply 0900 - 1900 - maximum wait 23 hours
  • Gibbets Marsh (long stay car park)  - charges apply 0900 - 1900 - maximum wait 23 hours
  • Gun Gardens - dedicated annual permit holders only - remains maximum wait 24 hours
  • The Strand - dedicated annual permit holders only (Bays 1 - 10) - remains maximum wait 24 hours
  • Rye Cricket Salts - free - 23 hours


  • Central and Western car parks and coach park - charges apply 0830 - 1800 - maximum wait 12 hours
  • Old Lydd Road  - charges apply 08:30 - 1800 - maximum wait 23 hours

Rural Villages in Rother

  • Northiam car park - free - 23 hours
  • Hurst Green car park - free - 23 hours
  • Sedlescombe car park - free - 23 hours
  • Burwash (The Bear) car park - free - 2 and 9 hours depending on spaces and day of week
  • Burwash - The Square car park - free - 23 hours
  • Pett Level car park - free - 23 hours
  • Etchingham (Oxenbridge Lane) -  free 23 hours

word icon Draft District of Rother (Off-Street) Parking Places Order 2019 [30kb],

excel icon Draft Schedule 2 of Rother (Off-Street) Parking Places Order 2019 [31kb],

word icon Draft Schedule 3 of Rother (Off-Street) Parking Places Order 2019 [30kb]   

Please note:

This consultation ONLY affects the off-street car parks and parking areas owned by Rother District Council.   On-street parking is not included in this consultation because on-street parking is the responsibility of Sussex Police and will transfer to East Sussex County Council as the local highways authority.   This is NOT a consultation on East Sussex County Council's proposal to introduce on-street civil parking enforcement.

We are not consulting on parking charges but there is information on current parking charges in word icon Schedule 3 [30kb]

Income from car parking charges is spent on the management, repairs and maintenance of all car parks and parking areas, including items such as signs, ticket machines, cash collection, grounds maintenance, inspection and enforcement. 

We sent an invitation to consult to:

  • Hastings and Rother Disability Forum members
  • Sussex Business Board
  • Bexhill Talking Newspaper
  • Bexhill Town Team/Bexhill Forward
  • Little Common and Cooden Business Association
  • Optivo (local housing association)
  • Orbit Homes (local housing association)
  • Homeworks
  • Rother Association of Local Councils
  • All Rother town and parish councils (local councils)
  • Rye Partnership
  • Rother Neighbourhood Watch
  • Bexhill Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
  • Battle and District Chamber of Commerce
  • Rye Chamber of Commerce
  • Rother Environmental Group
  • Bexhill Environmental Group
  • Rother Seniors Forum
  • Age UK (East Sussex)
  • Rother Association of Carers
  • Bexhill Caring Community
  • East Sussex Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People
  • Tilling Green Residents Association (Rye)
  • Sidley Community Association (Bexhill)
  • Action in Rural Sussex
  • Bexhill Old Town Preservation Society
  • Northiam Conservation Society
  • Bexhill Heritage
  • Rye Conservation Society
  • Beautiful Battle
  • Battle Area Community Transport
  • Bexhill Community Bus
  • Bexhill 100
  • Disabled Motoring UK
  • Northiam Footpaths Group
  • Friends, Families, Travellers
  • Guestling & Pett Community Friends Scheme
  • Hastings and Rother Transport Action Group
  • Battle and District Riding Club
  • Iden Field Trotters
  • Rye Runners
  • Rother Ramblers
  • 1066 Cycle Club
  • Bexhill Ramblers Association
  • Little Common and Old Town Surgeries (GP)




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