Flash flooding emergency assistance


Flash flooding emergency assistance

During periods of flash/localised flooding we can be inundated with calls from residents asking for assistance across the 200 square miles of the District. We will provide what assistance and advice we can during the normal working day.

Flash Flood

Although the Council is not a 24 hour emergency service, we do have special arrangements to set up "out of hours" emergency operations should this be necessary during severe weather conditions.

We rely on residents' cooperation to ensure we are able to help the most urgent and deserving cases at these times.

If you call for assistance you will be asked for your contact details and to describe the flooding situation. Please be as accurate as possible with your description as it will help us help those that most need it. A call out fee of £100 will be charged in cases where deliberately misleading information has been given.

Requests for Emergency Assistance:

Normal Office Hours - Call 01424 787000
08.30 to 17.00 - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
09.30 to 17.00 - Wednesday

Other times - Call 01424 787868

The District is a very large area to cover and we will require the cooperation of residents to do this effectively.
We have categorised flooding incidents and the response we may be able to provide as follows:

  1. Flood water in occupied property or rising and within 150mm (6 inches) of the lowest point where water could access (threshold):

    The request will be accorded a priority status and we will endeavour to respond at the earliest opportunity. We will try to provide filled sandbags and may be in a position to help lay these and contain some of the effects of flooding.

  2. Flood water on grounds but not within 150 mm of threshold or further than 1m away from occupied property:

    These requests will not be accorded urgent status but we will prioritise these on work lists to provide assistance as and when all urgent works are covered. We will endeavour to provide filled sandbags and offer advice, but we may not be in a position to provide labour to help.

  3. Flood water affecting garden, patio areas, unoccupied outbuildings, sheds, etc:

    Such requests will be accorded the lowest status and, in practice, there may be limited effective action we can take unless the flooding escalates as described above.


Residents can collect up to 12 bags free of charge from the following places: -

Bexhill Community Help Point, Town Hall, TN39 3JX
Tel 01424 787000 Map to Rother DC Offices

Battle Community Help Point, 6 Market Square, TN33 0XB
Tel 01424 787000 Map to Rother DC Offices

Rye Community Help Point, 30a High Street, Rye, TN31 7JG
Tel 01424 787000 Map to Rother DC Offices

Coastal Control Officer, Central Car Park, Camber TN31 7RH
Telephone 01797 225207 Map to Rother DC Offices

Further bags will be charged at £1.00 per bag. (You may also find bags available at other outlets)
Note: the bags are supplied unfilled. It is the resident's responsibility to fill the bags.
It is important to plan ahead, please ensure you get them in good time to allow you to fill them and get them in place. If you need to store them, do so out of direct light to avoid deterioration.

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