Food hygiene

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Food hygiene

The Food Hygiene service exists to ensure that food is safe to eat for the residents and visitors of Rother.


All food businesses are routinely and regularly inspected based on a risk assessment of the premises made at the time of inspection. The interval may vary between 6 months for a 'High Risk' premises to every 3 years for a 'Low Risk' premises. In addition to inspections samples are taken regularly to check that foods are free from harmful bacteria.

We aim to:

  • Protect people by improving the hygiene and safety of food businesses
  • Improve the safety of the food people eat
  • Provide consumers with a trusted source of advice and information.

We do this by:

  • Inspecting businesses - our officers routinely assess all food businesses to ensure they comply with the law and provide safe food for customers. This is done mainly by unannounced inspections and by sampling of foods.
  • Investigating serious complaints - this includes allegations of poor hygiene, finding foreign objects in food, mouldy or unfit food. However, labelling concerns and out of date foods are dealt with by Trading standards Officers.
  • Investigating allegations of food poisoning if you believe you became ill after eating a meal out or a take away. However, you will need to visit your GP and submit a specimen to confirm you have food poisoning.

Safe Food and Healthy Workplaces

If you are either running a food business or thinking of starting up, please visit our new Safe Food and Healthy Workplaces pages in the Business section. Our pages include information on getting started and registration, training, implementing an appropriate Food Safety Management System and information for food businesses on the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. You will also find copies of our Food and Safety Bulletin.

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - Information for Customers

Rother District Council joined the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme on 4 April 2011. The scheme is designed to help you choose where to eat out by giving information about the hygiene standards.

What to Look for When Eating Out

Tips for what to look for when choosing where to eat out.

Food Poisoning

Information on what to do if you think you have food poisoning and tips on how to prevent food poisoning in the home.

Food and Health and Safety Complaint Investigation Policy

Find out what sort of complaints we will and won't accept.


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