Other Licences and Permits


Other Licences and Permits

In this section you will find other types of Licences and Permits that you can apply for such as Street Trading, Charity Collections, Pleasure Boats and Keddle Net Fishing.

  • Charity Collections

    If you would like to organise a Charity Collection in the Rother area, either on the street or by going from house to house, you must apply to us for a licence.

  • Cooling Tower Notification

    If you control non-domestic premises in the Rother area, you must ensure that you notify us of any Cooling Tower or Evaporative Condenser (notifiable devices) on the premises.

  • Environmental Permitting

    You must have an Environmental Permit if you operate a regulated facility in England or Wales.

  • Hypnotism authorisation

    If you wish to show, demonstrate or perform a hypnotism act in public, you must have authorisation from the local authority where the act is to take place.

  • Image of keddle net fishing

    Keddle net fishing at Pett Level

    Keddle net fishing is a shore-line technique that dates back to the Norman conquest.

  • Pleasure Boats

    If you wish to hire out boats to customers or carry customers as passengers then you must apply to the Council for a Pleasure Boat and a Boatmans Licence.

  • Scrap Metal Dealers Registration

    The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 ensures that there is more effective regulation of the scrap metal and motor salvage trades.

  • Sex Establishments

    To run a sex shop - ie any premises selling sex toys, books or videos - you may need a licence from the Local Authority.

  • Skin Piercing

    To offer skin piercing treatments within the Rother area you must hold both a personal and premises registration. Skin piercing includes all the following; Piercing of any part of the body, tattooing, electrolysis, acupuncture, semi permanent skin colouring - microblading.

  • Street Trading

    Street Trading is defined as the selling or exposing or offering for sale of any article (including a living thing) in a street.

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