Question 19/19


Question 19/19

Q. I urge you to support doubling tree cover in our local authority area by 2045 at the latest, as part of an ambitious local Climate Action Plan. Please ask the cabinet member responsible for this issue to commit to this.

Several councils - including Bristol City and Bath & North East Somerset - have already committed to doubling local tree cover.

This week is National Tree Week and everyone is talking about trees. They have a crucial role to play in tackling the climate emergency, by drawing down carbon and locking it up in their wood.

Doubling tree cover could be achieved by:
1) Doubling tree cover on council-owned land, by growing more trees in public parks, in council-owned Green Belt land and on County Farms.
2) Doubling tree cover across the whole local authority area, by updating council strategies and local plans.

Doubling tree cover across the UK could draw down 50 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, which is around 10% of current UK emissions.

But trees also provide additional benefits beyond their critical importance in reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions: trees create more space for nature, supporting hundreds of species of insects, birds and mammals. Trees are also great for public health, helping clean the air and providing access to nature that's important for our wellbeing.

I hope you share my concerns and I look forward to receiving your reply. (25/11/2019)

A. Rother District Council declared a Climate Emergency on 16 September 2019 and have committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.  In order to meet this ambitious target, we are developing an Environment Strategy and action plan.  Increasing tree cover across the district will be included within the draft action plan; the plan will be going out for public consultation early next year and we anticipate adoption by Autumn 2020. (27/11/2019)









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