Spray paint warning for non-scoop dog poop offenders


Spray paint warning for non-scoop dog poop offenders

Errant dog owners who let their pet foul pavements and other public areas in Rother are being targeted in a new way.

Rother District Council has launched a new initiative whereby a stencilled image of a dog doing the deed with the message 'pick it up' is spray-painted onto the pavement.

The scheme will focus on streets, footbridges and underpasses where dog fouling is a regular problem and on pavements around schools.

It is hoped the visual message, in fluorescent green paint, will raise awareness of the issue and encourage dog owners to clean up after their pet.

Cllr Deidre Earl-Williams, Rother District Council cabinet member for culture and tourism and public realm, said: "Not cleaning up after your dog is irresponsible and a potential risk to health.

"While the vast majority of dog owners do clean up after their pet, unfortunately there is a minority who fail to dispose of their dog's waste.

"We hope this new scheme will provide a reminder to people that if their dog fouls in a public area they must place it in the nearest waste bin."

The stencilled graphics, first used in Lychgates Close, in Bexhill Old Town, are spray painted onto the pavement using paint which will wash off over time.

Dog owners in Rother who fail to clean up after their pet can be prosecuted or issued with a £100 fixed penalty notice. 

Dog fouling can be reported by calling 01424 787000.

Published on Wednesday, June 12 2019

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