Questions from 2019


Questions from 2019

In this section you will find questions to the Leader from 2019.

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  • Question 20/19

    Q. What was the total of the grant payable by RDC to the de la Warr pavilion in the 2019/2020 budget? How much was the grant paid to the Rye tourist information centre in the 2019/2020 budget, and what will it be in the 2020/2021 budget? (03/12/2019)

  • Question 19/19

    Q. I urge you to support doubling tree cover in our local authority area by 2045 at the latest, as part of an ambitious local Climate Action Plan. Please ask the cabinet member responsible for this issue to commit to this.

  • Question 18/19

    Q. Ref. question 03/19 Future High Streets Fund (FHF) posted in January. RDC posted an answer that an expression of interest in the fund had been made by RDC - my questions are 1. Should the Council be successful in obtaining access to the fund how will these funds be used to the benefit of High Streets in the Rother District area? 2. Will you communicate the success or failure of the application to parish Councils such as Rye as It appears no communication has been made by RDC to RTC that an application had been made to FHF? 3. Has RDC selected a single project to potentially benefit from a successful application and if so what is that project? (05/11/2019)

  • Question 17/19

    Q. Good morning. Now the alliance have been in place for a quarter I am interested to know which of the many policies all the independents, the greens, the Lib Dem's, the labour and the independent independent are going to be put in place I don't see any amendments to the 2014 to 2021 plan so am interested to see what the focus will be. A list would be great. After all a part of many election promises was visibility. I look forward to your reply Doug. (16/09/2019)

  • Question 16/19

    Q. Many homeless people keep dogs for security as well as comfort. Currently only 9% of hostels for homeless people in the UK are dog-friendly, meaning that many dog owners are denied access to shelter and support, simply because they have a dog. Likewise, rules on dog ownership for council housing or housing association tenants vary from place to place, with many councils forcing people to give up their pets to rescue centres — or remain homeless.

  • Question 15/19

    Q. As well as many others, there are public use "wheelie" disposal bins in the Bexhill Sainsburys car park and in the small public car park near Tescos, in Little Common. They are all overflowing. They clearly have not been emptied for some time; the former has, amongst other unsavoury items, a lavatory discarded next to the bin. I understand that these are an R.D.C. responsibility to empty. Why has this not occurred? Not really a good example to set. (25/08/2019)

  • Question 14/19

    Q. We enjoyed the Bexhill 60's day last weekend but who pays for the event? If RDC stump up most of it, how is it? (16/07/2019)

  • Question 13/19

    Q. As a resident of the Rother District increasingly concerned about the climate crisis we are facing and the way our household waste can be disposed of in a way that is best for the environment we live in, I would like to know why Rother District Council does not offer it's residents the opportunity to have their food waste composted, when three of our neighbouring districts - Tunbridge Wells, Ashford, and Folkestone and Hythe - all offer a service that deals with food waste in a more environmentally friendly way than landfill to their residents. (03/07/2019)

  • Question 12/19

    Q. I am a resident of Bexhill (Glenleigh Park Road). I am absolutely horrified with the proposal to implement parking charges in Bexhill. Please do all that is within your powers of persuasion to stop it. Having grown up in St Leonard's during the 80s I watched parking charges destroy the small business along the kings road which now low and behold 30 yrs later as part of the regeneration they took the parking charges away! Bexhill is a small town where people shop for convenience and little else. The inconvenience of parking charges will just drive people to Eastbourne where the shops are bigger and better. Parking charges will destroy Bexhill small shops for the next 30yrs until the area becomes worthy of 'regeneration' because it is so bad. Please help, this is town planning 101 and they are getting it wrong for a bit of short term money grabbing. Go and walk in St Leonards where there are parking charges ... empty, Bexhill - bustling!.

  • Question 11/19

    Q. Can the council introduce a better way of reporting fly tipping? I think there should be a form or using an App like Country Eye or a Facebook page that can upload images of fly tipping. (15/05/2019)

  • Question 10/19

    Q. Is it possible for a survey to be made of Levetts Wood behind Preston Avenue in Sidley as this area seems very neglected and could be made more user friendly and a valuable asset in our community? (13/03/2019) <br><br> Q. I would like to know if RDC have a management plan for the woodlands north of Preston Road, Sidley, called Levetts wood. If there is a plan I would like to read it. At the moment it seems rather overgrown and in need of maintenance. If correctly managed this area would be a valuable asset to the people of Sidley. (13/03/2019)

  • Question 09/19

    Q. I believe Rother Council have acquired properties in the Beeching Road area. Is it the policy of the Council to eventually develop that area as a retail park? (01/03/2019)

  • Question 08/19

    Q. Affordable housing delivery. Given that the most recent figures show that supply of affordable housing does not keep up with demand, what is the councils plans to increase affordable homes to encourage our young residents to stay in the area ,and do all new builds have affordable housing ? and can you give me the figures. (15/02/2019)

  • Question 07/19

    Q. There are cyclists along the South Cliff promenade who say they are unaware that cycling is prohibited. The rules are written on the notices at the head of each twitten but not repeated on the promenade itself. There are constant reminders that dog walkers should clear up their dog's mess. Perhaps you will consider reminding cyclists that riding is prohibited. (22/02/2019)

  • Question 06/19

    Q. Please could someone explain why it was that Bexhill had no Christmas lights in 2018 as I have heard many things but haven't been able to get a definitive answer and also why it is being stated across social media by Shining Lights, the company in charge of Bexhill's Christmas decorations, that the tax payers 2018 grant of £13,500 they received from RDC was used to back pay debt from 2017? How is this acceptable? Many Thanks. (11/02/2019)

  • Question 05/19

    Q. I wonder if you could confirm if this is true or not, it is from an online post by someone in Sidley: "As a ex dustman for 50 years I can honestly say that Rother and most of Britain's councils have been lying about the recycling of paper , tin cans , garden waste and paper it all goes to landfill sites apart from the scrap metal that we collected and shared the money out at the end of the year so don't believe what the authorities tell you about recycling its all lies." I am very concerned about this post for two reasons - the possibility that it is true, and also the way it might influence people to stop recycling. Can you confirm either way please, thank you. (21/01/2019)

  • Question 04/19

    Q. Having been at this week's Cabinet Meeting and having just read the report in The Observer I just wanted to ask if the public are given a different agenda? Agenda item 8.1 (Page 'big number 9) Recommendation 11 on the matter of a Shadow Cabinet makes absolutely no mention of cost and yet those members who spoke on the matter kept referring to the costs and specifically 10%. I most definitely agree we don't need a Shadow Cabinet in Rother but just wondering why the agenda available to the public didn't include any reference to the question of costs? (18/01/2019)

  • Question 03/19

    Q. Has RDC applied for the Future High Street fund launched December 28th by the government. (13/01/2019)

  • Question 02/19

    Q. Why doesn't the mechanical sweeper clean the traffic islands any more, also the gullies and pavements are never swept down Sea Road. (07/01/2019)

  • Question 01/19

    Q. Please can you let me know the schedule for providing EV Charging points in public car parks in Bexhill? At the moment there are no charging points in the town at all! The Council needs to go green on this and provide the facility for residents, visitors and trades people and particularly to make the town a more attractive destination for the future. (21/12/2018)

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