Proposal Ten


Proposal Ten

To disregard some income to protect disabled residents, partners or children that would lose some discount under the income band proposal.

The current scheme has a premium that is given to residents if:

  • the resident is disabled
  • their partner is disabled (if they have one)
  • they have a disabled child or
  • they get the Support component of Employment and Support Allowance

The premium means these residents might get a discount or receive additional discount on their Council Tax.

If we adopt an income banded scheme (proposal one) then premiums like this one will not continue. 

We propose that if we adopt an income band scheme then we will include an additional income disregard equivalent to the premium received under the existing scheme.  This will apply where the resident or their partner is disabled, they have a disabled child or they get the Support component of Employment and Support Allowance.   

The advantages are:

  • To make sure households with disabled people will not be negatively affected.

However, this will not make administration simpler or reduce any costs.

If you know anything else the Council needs to consider please let us know in your response.

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