Questions from 2018


Questions from 2018

In this section you will find questions to the Leader from 2018.

  • Question 51/18

    Q. Why can't the garden waste collections be added to the pamphlet for refuse and recycling collections? As we are paying extra for the garden waste service, wouldn't it be a good idea to let people know when the collection day is? (19/12/2018)

  • Question 50/18

    Q. Why have charges been introduced at the 'tip'. Surely this will result in an increase in fly tipping? (15/12/2018)

  • Question 49/18

    Q. Who was responsible for the disaster that is the "Colonnade Restaurant" and where is the money coming from to pay for the losses ? (15/12/2018)

  • Question 48/18

    Q. I am wondering why, when parking charges were suspended on 8th December, the meters in Bexhill were all still taking money? Why were they not covered or turned off? Of three meters in the De La Warr car park, two had no signs giving information on the suspension at all and one had one posted adjacent to the actual meter but in a position that would only been seen if you were actually searching for it (likewise the Eversley Road and Wainwright Road car parks). Why not actually put the info on the meter or cover the slot? I saw so many people paying. Its not in the Christmas spirit. Perhaps you could arrange to donate the money taken to charity? (11/12/2018)

  • Question 47/18

    Q. I have been asked by the Sidley & Albert Road Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG) to contact you to register the Groups concerns over the seemingly lack of Medical Centre Facilities in any of the housing developments taking place within the Rother District at present. They feel there is an urgency to provide more amenities to run GP services as the provision at present is at bursting point and will not be capable to cope with the influx that the new developments will generate. (09/12/2018)

  • Question 46/18

    Q. Re. litter control - I met a friend in Wembley High St a few days ago, he was smoking and dropped the cigarette end onto the payment, he was stopped by a Brent Council official who had photographed the offence, he was given a fixed payment fine of £100, Within 3 days he received the invoice from the Brent Council which he paid. I commend the Brent Council for this procedure as it helps to educate the public, reduces the litter problem and provides a source of income to the Council and provides work for the officials who hand out the fines. May I suggest that the Rother council implement this procedure. (29/11/2018)

  • Question 45/18

    Q. I telephoned the council and chose the appropriate option. I wanted to speak to someone in planning. I could not get through to anyone at all. I was hanging on the line for at least 10 minutes but to no avail. I think this is totally insane! The council never answer their calls. Extremely unhappy. (28/11/2018)

  • Question 44/18

    Q. Dear Cllr Maynard, as Leader of the council, why are you allowing the town to deteriorate so much? More and more litter is appearing on the streets, I still find dog excrement on many of the pavements and there are now a dozen or so vagrants adorning many of the shop doorways and churches. We still have boy and girl racers driving through the town as well as louts roaming the town later at night...and thieves. Something needs to be done to bring this once loved town back to how it used to be. I have contacted your office before but we still seem to be suffering with these issues. (12/11/2018)

  • Question 43/18

    Q. As a result of the recent shocking footage of the cruelty to the reindeer at a Kent farm can I have an assurance that Bexhill council will not be permitting any use of these wild animals or any other wild creature at any events in Bexhill. (14/11/2018)

  • Question 42/18

    Q. When London Road Bexhill is closed for two weeks from 31st of this month, will this affect bin collections? (23/10/2019)

  • Question 41/18

    Q. Please can someone explain why the planned Bexhill fireworks and the Christmas lights are not going ahead. My family along with others enjoy the events. Surely the town benefits from having these family orientated events to encourage people to the town. I admire the hard work which has been dedicated to do something positive . As a mother of three teenagers it is difficult to find safe and local activities for them . Please consider changing your minds or I fear we will drive more people and businesses away from the town. (06/10/2018)

  • Question 40/18

    Q. I understand from the organiser of 'Shining Lights Bexhill' that he has been informed the RDC will not be holding another SAG meeting in 2018. I am also told that a SAG meeting will be necessary for the 'Switch On Celebration' in Bexhill to take place. What arrangements have the RDC taken to ensure that we will have a Christmas Lights Switch On Ceremony in Bexhill in 2018? (06/10/2018)

  • Question 39/18

    Q. Why does the Public Consultation on changes to Council Tax Reduction provide no financial data? Several questions have direct financial implications either affecting reduction in revenue or reduction in actual administrative costs. None are specified so making imperical judgement is impossible and looking forward there is no effective Public accountability for the decisions taken. Why were there no financial details included? (17/09/2018)

  • Question 38/18

    Q. I would like to know why Rother is allowing the shelters on East Parade to fall into disrepair. They are beautiful and they are listed and enhance Bexhill. You see lots of visitors taking photos of them. (20/09/2018)

  • Question 37/18

    Q. I like many other residents love the Bexhill seafront. However I wonder if anything can be done to stop it being a dog toilet. Many owners do pick up the poo but there is always the inevitable debris left behind. As bad if not worse, as you walk along almost every wall, seating bench leg and post drips with urine. It's so noticeable and for those wanting to sit on a bench, let their children run and play it's revolting, smelly and surely a health hazard. Maybe signs or something asking dog owners to let their dogs use their gardens for toileting and then come and enjoy lovely walk. Thank you. (19/09/2018)

  • Question 36/18

    Q. Hi, as an event organizer, we would like to know if all the events in Bexhill could be shown on the Rother web site. A poster was done by RDC this year, it was put all round town and shown in London main line stations, but left off the two major events in Bexhill - the Horse show which has been running for over 100 years and the Bexhill 100 classic & custom car show in its 14th year and promotes the racing heritage of our town. Thank you for any response. (11/09/2018)

  • Question 35/18

    Q. Yet again the collection of our bin (brown) has defaulted. This is becoming a monthly occurrence of either the black, green or brown. What is particularly galling is that we pay you extra to have our brown bin/s emptied: so we are paying for a service that is not being fulfilled which, to my simple mind, is surely a breach of contract by you or your contractor? So what, may I ask, can you or are you going to do about it? Someone tasked to supervise the contract? Penalise the contractor when he defaults? Does the current contractor warrant the contract? Can you pursue him for breach of contract? Perhaps the brown bin holders should have a refund? These are six separate questions to which I will appreciate answers and not just an overarching reply. (17/08/2018)

  • Question 34/18

    Q. Two questions: when will the Colonnade restaurant be serving meals? What are you doing with the money from the sale of the beach huts? (11/09/2018)

  • Question 33/18

    Q. How can it be that a small open space with lovely mature trees and plenty of wildlife can suddenly be destroyed in a day by a gang of workmen without any notice to either the nearby residents or even the council? I refer to the small piece of open land in Collington Park Crescent, up until August 14th maintained by Rother and enjoyed by many. Now saddled with a planning application to build three oversized houses, we are resigned to the fact that we have lost our little park for ever. Can you reassure us that this can't happen to any of the other open spaces in Rother? (12/09/2018)

  • Question 32/18

    Q. Can I ask what happens with the £300:000 made from the sale of the 30 beach huts at Glyn gap beach. Also is there going to be another 20 erected around the bottom of Galley Hill on the beach. (08/09/2018)

  • Question 31/18

    Q. Why did the council disregard the Vote of the people, when we voted for Bexhill's own town council. (11/09/2018)

  • Question 30/18

    Q. Why can't Bexhill have its own town council? (11/09/2018)

  • Question 29/18

    Q. I refer to planning application HS/TP/18/00678 which seeks to fell numerous trees and other works to the Beauport Park caravan site. As Rother DC holds the licence for this caravan park and also lists numerous trees on this site which carry TPO status it is of concern to note that Rother DC has not been consulted on this application. There is numerous protected wildlife species within this site and there are no wildlife surveys accompanying this application. It is of great concern to note that there is nothing recorded from Rother DC departments on this application. Why is this? (08/09/2018)

  • Question 28/18

    Q. Hastings Borough Council is currently posting a planning application HS/TP/18/00678 which relates to the Beauport Park caravan site. This application seeks to fell 71 trees and other major works to the trees on this site. Many residents are very concerned as there appears to have been no consultation with Rother DC despite the fact that Rother holds the site licences for these caravans. Rother DC also lists these TPO trees on its website concerning Tree Protection Orders. There is no information about any wildlife surveys. Please would you investigate this urgent matter before any trees are felled. (07/09/2018)

  • Question 27/18

    Q. Hi. I'm looking at moving to Bexhill although I haven't decided where yet. My question is I'm very lost as to where my dogs can and cannot go during the summer. You outline where they can't go but, being new to the area, I obviously don't know the places you are stating. Is there any parts of the beach dogs can use throughout the summer? (30/08/2018)

  • Question 26/18

    Q. I was looking at the Facebook page for RDC. Very upbeat about recycling and all the wonderful things about what the council is doing. I particularly like post on recycling those items like envelopes and cupboard things like tissue boxes. Lovely. Have you actually seen the weekly dump on Gibbet Marsh in Rye? I won't bother to send you photos as they're on your FB page. I thought the is was going to be a great place for tourists to park and come into our historic town? It can't be that hard can it, clearly the centre is being used but RDC can't cope. Simple - more collections? (25/07/2018)

  • Question 25/18

    Q. Could you please advise when the car parking proposals (Overview & Scrutiny Committee Meeting 19/03/18) involving pay parking to west and east seafront zones, residents only restrictions, time limited parking etc will be open for public consultation? (02/08/2018)

  • Question 24/18

    Q. Read in Observer today that Collington Lodge were refused permission to convert to flats and stay living in their home. A couple of years ago the Arosa in Albert Road was allowed to close down with 10 rooms to be turned into a home for adults with difficulties, Eves bed and breakfast and Albany House sold as a private houses. There also used to be a B&B at the Sackville which was also allowed to convert to flats as they said it was not a viable business. There are a lot of people doing Air B&B now and we also have 2 new B&Bs ... Sea Spray Rooms and Driftwood adding on a few more. Another good reason to allow Collington to convert, is that it would add to housing stock ... much needed I thought. Seems unfair to me, please reconsider. These people would like to retire and are stuck as they cannot sell as a going concern. (27/07/2018)

  • Question 23/18

    Q. In the past few months, we have had frequent "missed bin collections". But twice in five days (brown then black) is disgraceful and unacceptable. We, the council tax payers, are not receiving the service for which WE are paying via council tax. I hope that you will also find this unacceptable. What, may I ask, can you or will do about it? Is no one supervising the contract? If not, why not? (30/07/2018)

  • Question 22/18

    Q. I regularly receive My Alerts which contains information about planning applications near me and pressing the View Application I am taken to the correct application. In the latest letter was the following:- RR/2018/1650/TN - submitted 19/06/2018; Ticehurst 33/11KV Substation, High Street, Ticehurst (215 metres): Proposed replacement transformers with acoustic covers & external appearance of proposed 33kV Switch house. I tried to check the details but all I get is Illegal access attempt, and I cannot get any information using the Planning Section. WHY If you are going to advise me of Applications near my property in My Alerts may I suggest that you ensure I can access them. Please explain. (09/07/2018)

  • Question 21/18

    Q. Who do I ask about holding a car owners club meeting? (24/07/2018)

  • Question 20/18


  • Question 19/18

    Q. I duly put my black bin out for collection from 7 am on Thursday. It sat there in the blazing heat all day. No collection was made. I reported non-collection online on Friday. The bin sat in the heat all day. It was eventually emptied at 8 am on Saturday morning. Well, emptied of rubbish but not of the maggots that would not have been there if it had been collected on time. This is becoming a regular occurrence. Clearly, the bin men are being overworked if they cannot get around on the allocated day. I have reported mine and my neighbours missed bins at least three times now in the last two months. I am usually told it is because they are running late. However, why not pick up on Friday morning where they left off? It should not be up to residents to monitor whether the bin is emptied to meet the requirement of a report the next working day either. (07/07/2018)

  • Question 18/18

    Q. The Colonnade has a great deal of council tax payers money invested in it. I have recently seen an announcement from the Colonnade copied to Facebook by Sharon Blagrove . It says that the Colonnade are pleased to announce that they will partially re open on the 21st July. Can you please signpost me to the original announcement by the Colonnade. (27/06/2018)

  • Question 17/18

    Q. Camber Western Car Park - last year, it was advertised as gates open in until 6pm and all gates shut at 8pm.

  • Question 16/18

    Q. I have just taken a look at the council's equality policy. The list of protected characteristics you are using is incorrect. There are 9 protected characteristics covered by the Equality Act 2010 (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage & civil partnership, pregnancy & maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation). You have incorrectly listed gender as a protected characteristic when it should be sex. Not only is this incorrect but it is misleading and may prevent people from pursuing their rights under the law. Please could you correct this inaccuracy in all council policies. (12/06/2018)

  • Question 15/18

    Q. Fly tipping. Reading an article on fly tipping in Kent, I noted that Folkestone & Hythe have a specific form for reporting fly tipping. Please see link I note that RDC use Fix my Street, wouldn't a detailed form be better? How effective is Fix My Street? (31/05/2018)

  • Question 14/18

    Q. When is Rye going to have another recycling centre in addition to the existing one on Gibbet Marsh? Every week it is overflowing, bags of recycling and other rubbish dumped beside the bins. I have contacted Customer Services numerous times and they always assure me that the contractor will make more frequent trips but still it continues. Why can't the one in Jempsons car park be replaced? Clearly there is a need. (29/05/2018)

  • Question 13/18

    Q. What is the point of me sorting out all my rubbish each week into the correct bin or box when my glass is put into the large green bin. I've spoken to the men and women and they say the glass collection part of the lorry is not working, this has been going on for over 9 months in our street. Morgan Close TN39 5EQ. When speaking to the lady who was driving the lorry yesterday she said that they contract for the bin was up next March and she didn't think the glass section in lorry was going to be repaired??? When asking then should I place all my glass in green bin she said NO, I could be fined!!!! What a joke as they have been doing this for months so it ok for them and you as a council to mix our waste. My question now is when is this lorry going to be repaired!!!! (08/05/2018)

  • Question 12/18

    Q. Please can you tell me when the cafe at the colonnade is scheduled to reopen? (03/05/2018)

  • Question 11/18

    Q. Love Burwash Day - Thank you for the response but it would be useful to know the date that this particular stretch of the A265 was actually cleaned so that we can determine when we should expect it to be cleaned again. If there is a telephone number and a name of department that I can contact I could find this myself but this information does not seem to be available on the website. (25/04/2018)

  • Question 10/18

    Q. Love Burwash Day

  • Question 09/18

    Q. I am a Bexhill resident, a responsible dog owner and a grandfather, who enjoys OUR public park (Egerton Park) all year round.

  • Question 08/18

    Q. The Council Tax bill shows a no less than 11.3% increase in the costs of Rye Town Council. Whereas apart from the police, the increase is 3% or less in line with inflation. Presumably this is approved by the 'real' local authority for this area, yours. If we really must have this purely ceremonial body which is currently paid for at £100 a year per Band D property, cannot it be self-funding? I.e. those who want it pay for it. I can see the attraction of a town crier, meeting rooms, etc but these can be operated on a commercial basis. Otherwise there is absolutely no impact on our lives. Personally I would abolish the Council as a completely outdated concept, and unnecessary waste of money but I know some local people love dressing up, throwing hot pennies, etc. Comical, really, but let them pay for it. At the very least, cut the increase to 3%. What does the Leader think? Thank you. (20/03/2018)

  • Question 07/18

    Q. I was wondering why the verges of Sussex country roads are only ever cut back but *NEVER!* cleaned of the rubbish (and every county in my experience). So, so many of the A and B roads (not so much the less travelled C roads, thankfully) verges are covered in so much litter that in some places you can't go more than a meter or two before the next plastic this or paper that and every other unwanted item SOME car occupants throw out carelessly. Is there a valid reason why there are no litter pickers to clean up the county's road sides? (people on community service perhaps? )

  • Question 06/18

    Q. Why has £10,000 been allocated to celebrate Prince Harry's wedding when many other things are much more important? Helping to house or give night shelter to the homeless I see sleeping out in freezing conditions, surely would be a benefit to all the community! Or funding the excellent Roaring Twenties celebration in July which many hundreds of people enjoy, and bringing in much needed revenue to the town? If people want to celebrate the Royal Wedding they can, why do the rate payers have to subsidise them? (25/02/2018)

  • Question 05/18

    Q. Hello, I have just watched a news item on Meridian TV tonight, and am deeply upset as to why a legally parked camper is likely to be victimised by Either for parking overnight. I have lived in Bexhill for 30 years and have watched the area especially Bexhill go down hill and become uncared for. My main point at this moment in time is the amount of illegally parked vehicles in and around the town, at any time of the day and night, they are parked on the pavement, on double yellow lines, on the corners of the streets. They are a danger to other vehicles and pedestrians, yet day after day nothing is done about them, that's why I am baffled that the council is thinking of taking action against a couple living in their camper not causing any problems. I hope you find time to respond. (15/01/2018)

  • Question 04/18

    Q. I was hoping that RDC were going to improve the recycling process in Rye. The Gibbet Marsh car park recycling centre is now overflowing with rubbish strewn across the car park. The clothes bank is falling apart and fly tipping is a daily occurrence. Why hasn't the Jempsons recycling centre been replaced? Why don't RDC pursue fly tipping? I have had lame excuses from your Team Leader that it's difficult to find the culprits. Why not use social media to expose them on Facebook - photos, evidence? Isn't it about time RDC were being proactive rather than just clearing away rubbish without investigating it? The site on Gibbet Marsh is a disgusting dump in the middle of a Historic town. I have sent many photos to your Customer Services. (17/01/2018)

  • Question 03/18

    Q. I understood RDC had a group looking at the pros and cons of Civil Parking Enforcement. However, whoever in RDC briefed Transport Planning Associates in August 2017 appears to know the decision has already been made; the Camber Traffic and Parking report dated October 2017 includes the statement : "Once Civil Parking Enforcement is in place ..." What's going on? (13/01/2018)

  • Question 02/18

    Q. I note that you chaired the Byelaws Working Group meeting 22 March 2010 when the minutes record: In the minutes of the Byelaws Working Group meeting 22 March 2010 it was recorded: "It was suggested that a feasibility study be undertaken to extend the promenade from Richmond Road to Cooden". As I have been unable to find any later records on this subject, I would be grateful if you could let me know the outcome. (11/01/2018)

  • Question 01/18

    Q. With astonishment I read you have decided against 93% of Bexhill voters in the recent vote, denying the wishes of such a majority. In a less civilised country this would have resulted in rebellion. I will work hard to persuade locals to vote against the Conservative party at the next opportunity and look forward to you leaving office, along with your colleagues. Worst Wishes for Christmas. (21/12/2017)

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