Question 31/17


Question 31/17

Q. At the Cabinet meeting on 04.12.17 the Leader commented that the Councillors were elected to represent the local people. If, at the full Council meeting tonight, the Councillors vote against the wishes of the people by not allowing the formation of a new Town council, will there need to be a local council election? (18/12/2017)

A. Amongst other matters, Councillors are democratically elected to:

- represent effectively the interests of the Councillor's Ward and deal with constituents' enquiries and representations;

- to contribute actively to formation and scrutiny of the authority's policies, budget, strategies and service delivery;

- to participate constructively in the good governance of the District and the wider area; and

- to champion causes which best relate to the interests and sustainability of the community and campaign for improvement of quality of life in the community in terms of equity, economy and the environment.

At the Council meeting held on Monday, full Council considered the final recommendation of the Community Governance Review of Bexhill-on-Sea; there was a full and thorough debate lasting over 2 hours.  In making its decision, the Council has to take account of all representations received, as part of the consultation process, not just those of the majority of responders, which represented just 20% of the population of Bexhill-on-Sea.  

The next District Council elections will be held in May 2019; there is no provision in law to hold an election any sooner on the basis of how individual Members vote in this or any other matter before the Council.  

The Council's final recommendation will be published on Friday 22 December at the following link: (20/12/2017)



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