Question 30/17


Question 30/17

Q. The new parking meters in the De La Warr car park are certainly a technological improvement. But their process is slow and the machines are poorly illuminated. Each individual takes much longer to obtain their ticket and, when it is raining and dark, the procedure is slow, annoying and frustrating. Can something please be done to improve the situation - improved illumination and/or an extra machine at each point? Thank you. (15/12/2017)

A.  Thank you for your email regarding the use of the pay and display machines in the De La Warr car park

To provide increased flexibility for car park users the Council upgraded the pay and display machines to enable payments to be made by debit and credit card as well as the option to pay for parking on leaving the car park rather than at arrival. To enable this flexibility the machines have to obtain specific information from the user to record the transactions and process payments. This process can extend the time taken at the machine, however research shows that in most cases this is found to be less than 20 seconds especially once customers become familiar with the process.  The additional step of recording the number plates of vehicles on tickets is to prepare customers for ticketless parking in the future, this is now common practice in many car parks across the county and customers are accepting that this is now becoming the norm.

The Council have recognised that within the De La Warr car park lighting has caused some users issues, therefore we are trialling a new light bar over the central main machine to see if this assists, if successful we will roll out to the other two machines.  We have also commissioned additional instruction signage that is being installed in the next few weeks in Bexhill.

There are no current plans to increase the number of machines within the De La Warr car park over the three already in place. (18/12/2017)


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