Question 29/17


Question 29/17

Q. Why is there no roadside parking enforcement in Bexhill? I recently attended a local planning meeting where an official associated with traffic planning (I am afraid that I do not remember his name and I certainly would not wish to embarrass him, except he did admit to being a cycle enthusiast) told us that there are no parking or traffic wardens and so parking enforcement in Bexhill. Yet the roadside parking is positively irresponsibly dangerous and an accident is waiting to happen. People double-park (most frequently in Devonshire Road); everywhere blatantly on double yellow lines and/or on corners. The risks and dangers to pedestrians and other road users do not need explaining. Can something please be done about it? (15/12/2017)

A.  The responsibility of controlling and enforcing on-street parking is the responsibility of the Police in conjunction with East Sussex County Council.

We have been asked by East Sussex County Council whether Rother would support them putting in a request to the Secretary of State for Transport for East Sussex County Council to adopt Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE). Rother's Scrutiny Committee is currently considering this and will complete their work by spring 2018. However, the decision whether to apply for CPE lies with East Sussex County Council and enforcement currently remains with the Police therefore your query should be directed to them. 18/12/2017)


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