Question 27/17


Question 27/17

Q. When are you going to address the problem of no free parking in Battle forcing both residents and out lying dwellers to go elsewhere. There has not, in the last 18 years to my knowledge, been any serious investment in Battle by the Rother District Council. The Town needs support and should not be considered a milch cow for Rother. Please also arrange that in 'my alerts' I am addressed as Mr. and not by my Christian name. (09/12/2017)

A.  The responsibility of controlling and enforcing on-street parking lies with the Police in conjunction with East Sussex County Council.

Rother District Council has been asked by East Sussex County Council whether Rother would support them putting in a request to the Secretary of State for Transport for East Sussex County Council to adopt Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE). Rother's Scrutiny Committee is currently considering this and will complete their work by spring 2018. However, the decision whether to apply for CPE lies with East Sussex County Council.

With regard to investment, Rother continues to support both the 1066 Country Partnership's marketing campaign to the tune of £50,000 per annum, as well as supporting Battle's own local marketing campaign to the sum of £9,000 per annum.  We also contribute £1,500 per annum towards the Christmas lighting.  The Council supports the Locate East Sussex service which has provided advice and support to several businesses in and around Battle to facilitate their expansion plans.

In previous years the Council has facilitated significant external funding to support a wide range of initiatives; including the extension and upgrading to Battle Memorial Hall, support to Battle Museum, improvements at Market Square including a new gateway entrance, and numerous smaller local projects in Battle and the surrounding area; working in partnership with the Town Council, Chamber of Commerce and others.

This is in addition to the routine ongoing provision of services, e.g. car parks, public conveniences, street cleaning etc.

Finally, unfortunately it isn't possible to change the way you are addressed in My Alerts. My Alerts addresses all customers by their first name unless we only have their first initial on file and then it shows first initial and then surname. (12/12/2017)



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