Question 14/17


Question 14/17

Q. What political party controls Rother? Does it try to cut costs? Was this a factor in the deaths by misadventure in Camber? (30/06/2017)

A. Rother District Council is a Conservative controlled authority. As with every other council in the country we have had to make cuts over the past decade. However, our investment in beach safety at Camber has been protected and further funding has been made available when additional  resources have been required.

As the coroner ruled we will never know the details of how these men came to lose their life and it is not known whether a lifeguard service at Camber would have prevented their deaths.

Year on year the council has enhanced its beach patrol service at Camber to address the risks based on incidents we have encountered. Following the tragic deaths last year we now have a seasonal lifeguard service at Camber. This is in addition to our beach patrol service which will continue to concentrate on land-based issues, including interventions when people are on sandbars during an incoming tide. All measures will be kept under regular review. (04/07/2017)



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