Question 13/17


Question 13/17

Q. I would like to ask when the Council is going to get a grip on the shambling waste/recycling contractors and instil a bit of service; the recycling in Catsfield Road, Crowhurst, has not been collected for practically a month. Numerous calls and emails have proven fruitless in securing any sort of service and now its impossible to reach the appropriate dept by phone! no doubt they are busy with a tsunami of other complaints! (27/06/2017)

A. Thank you for your submission regarding the regularity of waste/recycling collection services in the Catsfield Road/Crowhurst area.

First, we would apologise that the service has not been running to programme.  We understand the inconvenience and frustrations this causes residents. The officers of the Council have been doing their best to ensure proper service is being provided and that missed collections are being picked up within the times specified within the contract. They have been applying the procedures and provisions available in the contract to ensure performance by the contractor.

In general terms the contractor is performing well and more recently missed collections had been driven down to very low levels.  However, there has been a slight increase in these numbers and the client/contractor meetings are focussing on the causes of the increase. Notwithstanding this, a resident satisfaction survey conducted earlier this year confirms 96% of residents satisfied with the recycling service and 97% with the waste collection.  While these figures are very good neither the Council, nor the contractor, are complacent about them .  There is clearly more work to do, and we have identified this to be the case particularly in specific areas, such as yours, where services are not acceptable.  Please be assured both the Council, and the contractor Kier, are doing their best to restore services in those areas.  We met with the contractor earlier this week regarding poor service areas and we were advised that management procedures were being changed to provide better service and more reactive response to missed collections.  We will be monitoring the amended procedures to ensure they are bringing about the necessary improvements. (29/06/2017)



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