Sedlescombe NP Examination Public Hearing


Sedlescombe NP Examination Public Hearing

The Examiner, Mr Edward Cousins, invited representatives to take part in discussions at the Public Hearing. Those individuals are noted in section 5 of the Agenda for the Public Hearing (revision 15/06/2017) below.

Each of the representatives submitted a formal Statement in advance of the Public Hearing. The statements can be viewed below:

Mr D Marlow for Rother District Council

pdf icon 5.(a).i. SNP RDC Hearing Statement final June 2017 [354kb]

pdf icon 5.(a).ii. MAP 1 Sedlescombe NP - RDC proposed boundary modifications_5K_A3L [521kb]

Mr N Homer and Mr J Vine-Hall for Sedlescombe Parish Council

pdf icon 5.(b).i. Sedlescombe Parish Council Statement [366kb]

Miss L Rigg, Armstrong Rigg, for MJH Executive Homes

pdf icon 5.(c).i. Armstrong Rigg Statement June 2017 [134kb]

pdf icon 5.(c).ii. MJH Letter 8 June 17 [707kb]

Mr A Skinner

pdf icon 5.(d).i. A Skinner SNPexam2.AS [36kb]

pdf icon 5.(d).ii. AppA SEDR16201795 [210kb]

pdf icon 5.(d).iii. AppB SEDR16201795 [122kb]

pdf icon 5.(d).iv. AppC SEDR16201795 [96kb]

pdf icon 5.(d).v. AppD SEDR16201795 [161kb]

Mr M Hart

pdf icon 5.(e).i. STATEMENT by Marston Hart - Land at Rear of Balcombe Green [90kb]

Mr M Couchman

pdf icon 5.(f).i. Statement_M Couchman [61kb]

Mrs P Raymond

pdf icon 5.(g).i. Hearing short statement PRaymond overall plan [495kb]

pdf icon 5.(g).ii. Hearing short statement PRaymond Church Hill [483kb]

Mr A Olin

pdf icon 5.(h).i. A Olin Sedlescombe NP - Statement [5kb]

Mr H Davidson

pdf icon 5.(i).i. 12 Gorselands NP 110617 redacted [73kb]

pdf icon 5.(i).ii. 12 Gorselands NP 110617 image1 [223kb]

pdf icon 5.(i).iii. 12 Gorselands NP 110617 image2 [309kb]

Ms J Baker

pdf icon 5.(j).i. Baker - SED-R16-2017-448 - joint letter [305kb]


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