Protecting and improving the environment


Protecting and improving the environment

A high quality natural and built environment is essential for everyone living, working and visiting our area.

We are involved in protecting and improving the environment and we have a duty to ensure that the public health of communities within Rother are protected, by maintaining and improving their environment.     

We are working with businesses, partners, stakeholders and other statutory agencies and partners involved in regeneration, developments and projects to:

  • Avoid significant adverse impacts on health and quality of life
  • Mitigate and minimise adverse impacts and quality of life
  • Where possible, contribute to the improvement of health and quality of life

We are involved in considering impacts on land, air and water from pollution from a range of sources such as dust, odour, smoke, contaminated land, noise, light and sewage. The service monitors air quality, private water supplies and background radioactivity.      

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