Question 10/17


Question 10/17

Q. Please could you advise me of the revenue you receive for the car park in Little Common. I have seen historically that this could not be broken down but I would like to know how the revenue from the car park compares to the revenue from the business rates, which may I add many are or have struggled to stay open since these parking charges were introduced. Could you also advise the annual costings for maintenance of the Little Common car park, along with figures of car accidents pre and post the charges for this car park. Many thanks. (08/04/2017)

A. Please find below the information you have requested regarding Little Common Car Park, these figures are based on the financial year 2015/16.



Business rates paid by RDC

 £ 2,323.20

Machine maintenance contract

 £ 426.53

Car park maintenance

 £ 102.00

With regard to your query on the number of car accidents pre and post the introduction of car parking charges. Rother District Council does not record this data as it is not advised of road traffic incidents. (12/04/2017)



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