Question 06/17


Question 06/17

Q. I have renewed my designated parking permit for Gibbet Marsh, I did this online only to find I can't renew for 5 days incurring full charges for 2 days as it runs out in 3 days. What happens to people who don't use the internet or aren't computer literate? Before, I could go to the library in Rye and renew it on the day but there is no guidance on RDC website to suggest that this is still possible? Why should I be penalised for inefficiency in the process by sending it by post? I've given my email address and the permit could be sent electronically. (01/03/2017)

A. I understand that you applied for your permit on 1 March to start on 6 March (this was posted yesterday) and that your previous permit expires on 4 March. The reason for the 5 day period is to give officers sufficient time to send the permit to the customer.  Information on the Council's car parks web page will be changed to make this clearer.

We no longer sell permits via our help points and these can only be obtained by us.  We do not send permits electronically. (03/03/2017)



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