Question 04/17


Question 04/17

Q. Please will you contact me on the plans for the north Bexhill road as it seems to take part of my farm. It also shows a travellers site bordering the boundary/ (16/02/2017)

A. Planning permission was granted for the North Bexhill Access Road in February 2016 (ref: RR/2015/2260/P). There was appropriate public consultation. If you are an owner, you would also have been contacted by the developer (Sea Change Sussex) and made aware of the Compulsory Purchase Order to obtain the necessary land.

Our draft 'Development and Site Allocations Local Plan' (DaSA) has been published for public consultation (until 20 February 2017). Comments are being sought on this initial 'Options and Preferred Options' version of the Plan. It does include options to allocate land at 'North Bexhill' (Policy BEX3). The options vary but propose to allocate land capable of accommodating 450-665 dwellings. Option 1, which is currently preferred, involves the lower end of the scale of housing, while options 2 and 3 would also allocate land for 6,5000sqm of business floor space. All three options propose allocating a gypsy/traveller site for 5 pitches to meet the accepted need for further pitches in the District. The gypsy/traveller site proposed allocation is adjacent to the North Bexhill Access Road, north-east of Preston Hall Farm.

All comments are welcome on the draft 'Options and Preferred Options' document, with a specific question (on page 149 of the DaSA) relating to Policy BEX3 "Do you agree with the requirements of Policy BEX3? If not, how would you wish to see it amended?"

Please note that the deadline for comments is now very soon - 20 February. (20/02/2017)



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