Recycling in Rother


Recycling in Rother

This new page will look at how we recycle in Rother. It will look at our performance and tackle the key issues around waste and recycling.

Recycling in Rother 2016

In 2016 Rother District Council had an annual recycling rate of 46%. Since 2014 Rother has seen its recycling rate increase by 1% each year. This may not seem significant however in England the average recycling rate actually dropped in 2016 from 44.8% to 43.9% (DEFRA).

It is pleasing to see that here in Rother we are bucking the national trend and seeing our recycling rate increasing and this is very good news so well done residents of Rother.

Our target like many other Local Authorities is to achieve 50% by 2020 which is the target set by Government. It is a difficult target to achieve however the potential recycling material is present in Rother to reach it.

In spring 2015 Rother carried out a composition analysis of the household waste. The study found that 23% of what was being thrown away was material which could have been recycled (based on materials that can be recycled in Rother). The increase in our recycling rate since then suggests that we have managed to divert a fraction of this material into the recycling container however there certainly is still plenty more in the black bin that could be recycled.

I hope this has given you a brief outline of where we are at the start of 2017. excel icon Recycling in Rother 2016 [23kb] provides summary figures and graphs for recycling in Rother 2016. In the months to come we will focus on specific topics and look at the individual materials we collect in more detail.

As a final thought the study mentioned above identified that 23% of waste in Rother could have been recycled. Another way to think of this is that for every 4 bags of waste thrown away in Rother the equivalent of one of those bags could have in fact been recycled!

So next time your about to throw something away take a few seconds to consider whether it could go in the green bin?

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