Question 01/17


Question 01/17

Q. If a natural pond showing on the OS in AONB has been filled in, apparently, with the owner of the pond's knowledge (apparently a wild life study was taken). The pond in-fill appears to be taken from another nearby site. No attention seems to have been given to trees etc., Does this need:- 1. Retrospective Planning to be applied for by the owner? 2. A licence etc., by the firm who apparently filled it in? 3. Or, may any resident who has a natural pond, on their land, mapped on the OS fill it in without planning permission etc? If so we will advise our neighbours and other interested parties accordingly. We thank you in anticipation of your answer. (01/01/2017)

A. It is a matter of fact and degree as to whether this work constitutes an engineering operation as defined as development within the Act.  If this operation has taken place then if you can give us more information using our online Planning Enforcement Complains form then we can make further investigations.  The form is at the bottom of the following link:

If this is a proposal then it is open to the owners to submit a Certificate of Lawful Development application to establish if the proposed works require planning permission. (03/01/2017)

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