Questions from 2017


Questions from 2017

In this section, you will find questions to the Leader from 2017.

  • Question 32/17

    Q. I refer to my previous question 26/17 and your response, particularly in respect of the matter relating to works at the Colonnade you did not actually answer the specific question that I asked, namely what dialogue has taken place with Historic England regarding current or proposed works? With all due respect to your Conservation Officer I would have thought it prudent to have engaged with them on what can be a very complex matter often open to interpretation. Surely better to obtain a definitive answer from them rather than face a criminal prosecution? (18/12/2017)

  • Question 31/17

    Q. At the Cabinet meeting on 04.12.17 the Leader commented that the Councillors were elected to represent the local people. If, at the full Council meeting tonight, the Councillors vote against the wishes of the people by not allowing the formation of a new Town council, will there need to be a local council election? (18/12/2017)

  • Question 30/17

    Q. The new parking meters in the De La Warr car park are certainly a technological improvement. But their process is slow and the machines are poorly illuminated. Each individual takes much longer to obtain their ticket and, when it is raining and dark, the procedure is slow, annoying and frustrating. Can something please be done to improve the situation - improved illumination and/or an extra machine at each point? Thank you. (15/12/2017)

  • Question 29/17

    Q. Why is there no roadside parking enforcement in Bexhill? I recently attended a local planning meeting where an official associated with traffic planning (I am afraid that I do not remember his name and I certainly would not wish to embarrass him, except he did admit to being a cycle enthusiast) told us that there are no parking or traffic wardens and so parking enforcement in Bexhill. Yet the roadside parking is positively irresponsibly dangerous and an accident is waiting to happen. People double-park (most frequently in Devonshire Road); everywhere blatantly on double yellow lines and/or on corners. The risks and dangers to pedestrians and other road users do not need explaining. Can something please be done about it? (15/12/2017)

  • Question 28/17

    Q. The dog bin by Southlands Place/Hastings Rd was demolished by a lorry last week. It is very much used and now missed by dog walkers. Please could we have a replacement ASAP. Thanks in anticipation. (13/12/2017)

  • Question 27/17

    Q. When are you going to address the problem of no free parking in Battle forcing both residents and out lying dwellers to go elsewhere. There has not, in the last 18 years to my knowledge, been any serious investment in Battle by the Rother District Council. The Town needs support and should not be considered a milch cow for Rother. Please also arrange that in 'my alerts' I am addressed as Mr. and not by my Christian name. (09/12/2017)

  • Question 26/17

    Q. Further to your participation in the debates on social media about the Colonnade could I ask 2 questions? 1. Is there any further news regarding the new tenant? You will recall your statement that the new tenant would be making a statement "very soon". 2. I am interested to see that considerable works are being undertaken above the Colonnade presumably in connection with the water ingress. As this is a listed building can you tell me what dialogue has taken place with Historic England regarding these and any other works that are proposed. It would appear that no Listed Building consent has been applied for or granted. (30/11/2017)

  • Question 25/17

    Q. Dear Mr Maynard, is it possible to use the boating lake to sail our yachts when the paddle boats aren't in use. I saw them all banked up last week. (21/08/2017)

  • Question 24/17

    Q. Please explain why planning and other services could not be devolved to a Bexhill town council. If Bexhill has its own council, it should plan for Bexhill. I am writing to Sajid David to ask for clarification for democracy in local government. (09/09/2017)

  • Question 23/17

    Q. Can you please advise the residents of Main Street, Beckley why we had no garden waste collection on 1st September. All the brown bins are still outside the properties. Can we now put excess in black bags as the bins remain full? (08/09/2017)

  • Question 22/17

    Q. Thank you for your recent answer to Q 18/17. It however still does not appear to give a clear and a balanced approach to forecast costs to options 1 and 2 in the CGR information papers particularly as now published. You have explained that with option 2 RDC will be using the reduction in spending from transferring non Bexhill Special Expenses RDC services to a new TC and the savings on support costs for no longer having to provide administrative support for those services to off-set some of the changes to government funding. (some £300000 towards the loss of £1.8m in grant). This will leave the RDC Council Tax bill at £169.32.

  • Question 21/17

    Q. About the draft Rye Neighbourhood Plan. This well prepared document is however quite clearly written by a small well-intentioned group with a particular mindset. For example, it opens with the statement that 'Rye is positioned on a rocky sandstone outcrop' which refers only to the so-called Citadel. I know that there have been public consultations in which less than 10% of RDC voters resident in the whole of Rye have participated.

  • Question 20/17

    Q. Do I still need to separate glass & fabric recycling from other mixed recycling for my kerbside/home recycling? I ask because on collection I noted that the refuse workers tipped all of my recycling including these into the same container. (28/08/2017)

  • Question 19/17

    Q. Please can you confirm that Tom Graham is still one of the councillors for St Marks ward. Can you also confirm that he is still Bexhill's mayor, as Councillor Azad regularly appears in the Bexhill Observer carrying out duties as his deputy. Thank you. (23/08/2017)

  • Question 18/17

    Q. In advance of the upcoming CGR Stage 2 consultation I have just been looking at the papers issued to the Steering Group's August meeting. I note that in the draft information sheet for electors, the forecast cost figures for the options, the figure for RDC's council tax charge is the same in both option 1 and option 2. I also note that in option 2 for a town council, the precept, appears to include devolved and residual Bexhill Special Expenses and new administration costs. It also appears to appears to include another sum for devolving additional services currently delivered and paid for by all RDC electors, (about £250k probably for public conveniences ).

  • Question 17/17

    Q. Can you please outline what measures RDC have implemented to support electric vehicles (such as charging points in public car parks (at least 7kw))? (08/08/2017)

  • Question 16/17

    Q. Why is the telephone number for RDC so hard to find on the website? I searched and searched this morning to no avail ..... and I think I'm computer-literate. God help those who aren't!! (17/07/2017)

  • Question 15/17

    Q. What is the amount that RDC has been allocated by the Government from the business rates refund money and how much of it has been passed on to local businesses and companies? (30/06/2017)

  • Question 14/17

    Q. What political party controls Rother? Does it try to cut costs? Was this a factor in the deaths by misadventure in Camber? (30/06/2017)

  • Question 13/17

    Q. I would like to ask when the Council is going to get a grip on the shambling waste/recycling contractors and instil a bit of service; the recycling in Catsfield Road, Crowhurst, has not been collected for practically a month. Numerous calls and emails have proven fruitless in securing any sort of service and now its impossible to reach the appropriate dept by phone! no doubt they are busy with a tsunami of other complaints! (27/06/2017)

  • Question 12/17

    Q. People are parked on Bexhill Down and now there is garden/forestry waste dumped in the pathways preventing the passage of walkers. Surely these people can be prevented/prosecuted for doing this or at least moved on. Local people feel very threatened and cannot use the Down as they normally do. (12/05/2017)

  • Question 11/17

    Q. Regarding the beach huts along De La Warr Parade which RDC lease, how many of them are occupied and how many are unoccupied? (06/05/2017)

  • Question 10/17

    Q. Please could you advise me of the revenue you receive for the car park in Little Common. I have seen historically that this could not be broken down but I would like to know how the revenue from the car park compares to the revenue from the business rates, which may I add many are or have struggled to stay open since these parking charges were introduced. Could you also advise the annual costings for maintenance of the Little Common car park, along with figures of car accidents pre and post the charges for this car park. Many thanks. (08/04/2017)

  • Question 09/17

    Q. Why is it that the council do not have a Traffic Warden in Bexhill who can issue parking tickets to vehicles that are parked on Double Yellow Lines all over the town?? (03/04/2017)

  • Question 08/17

    Q. Thank you for the reply to my question 06/17. Am I to presume that if you require to renew your parking permit if you don't have the internet that you must travel to Bexhill? (30/03/2017)

  • Question 07/17

    Q. Rother Town Council was totally against Pebsham receiving the county's total leachate which has to be toxic but the County has gone against this vote which cannot be right and maybe an area committee would have been on the side of the residents of Pebsham who have constantly been promised that if they agreed to a sewage plant nothing else unpleasant would be our lot. We were not informed of the granting of a permit to do this polluting process - not democratic yet again! (05/03/2017)

  • Question 06/17

    Q. I have renewed my designated parking permit for Gibbet Marsh, I did this online only to find I can't renew for 5 days incurring full charges for 2 days as it runs out in 3 days. What happens to people who don't use the internet or aren't computer literate? Before, I could go to the library in Rye and renew it on the day but there is no guidance on RDC website to suggest that this is still possible? Why should I be penalised for inefficiency in the process by sending it by post? I've given my email address and the permit could be sent electronically. (01/03/2017)

  • Question 05/17

    Q. Wouldn't it be a good idea to put information and the form to fill in about The Local Governance Review on the "Alerts" you send to residents, especially as they have only about 6 weeks to get their heads around the procedure which also needs publicity from you. Thank you. (11/02/2017)

  • Question 04/17

    Q. Please will you contact me on the plans for the north Bexhill road as it seems to take part of my farm. It also shows a travellers site bordering the boundary/ (16/02/2017)

  • Question 03/17

    Q. There has been quite a lot of speculation in the past regarding the possibility of a supermarket chain moving into the Beeching Road, Bexhill area. My question is whether there is any current intention to develop the current sites which have fallen into disrepair and overgrown. (24/01/2017)

  • Question 02/17

    Q. After reading your council officials quite frankly disgusting racist remarks regarding the drownings at Camber sands, please can you (a) confirm that these are just the racist remarks of an individual and that they do not reflect the views of the entire council? (b) confirm that you will actively implement an effective solution to protect your residents rather than blame their nationalities for your inaction? (23/12/2016) Q. Are you all stunningly racist or is just the ones involved in the camber sands report? (24/12/2016)

  • Question 01/17

    Q. If a natural pond showing on the OS in AONB has been filled in, apparently, with the owner of the pond's knowledge (apparently a wild life study was taken). The pond in-fill appears to be taken from another nearby site. No attention seems to have been given to trees etc., Does this need:- 1. Retrospective Planning to be applied for by the owner? 2. A licence etc., by the firm who apparently filled it in? 3. Or, may any resident who has a natural pond, on their land, mapped on the OS fill it in without planning permission etc? If so we will advise our neighbours and other interested parties accordingly. We thank you in anticipation of your answer. (01/01/2017)

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