Question 26/16


Question 26/16

Q. We are a young married couple who recently bought a semi-detached property in a lovely area of Bexhill.

None of the Solicitor's Search or Seller's Declaration had reflected what disaster we are about to have.

Our next door neighbour is living on Benefits in a Council House; she pretends to be a 'single mum', but in actual life she's full time on drugs together with her illegal house mate AND partner plus ANOTHER 4-5 lads. Please add drug selling as everyday 'job'.

We made several reports to the Police who advised us since March that there are surveys going on and the suspects has not to be approached by us as they are very dangerous and have serious criminal records.

My wife and I are expecting a baby (for the 1st time!), however our future baby's room smells all the time of Cannabis.

We got in touch with Estate agents, but nobody wants to buy a property reated to drugs! Please note this is a very nice area of Bexhill and all the other neighbours are lovely people.

My question for you is: Is this where our taxes are going? To support these kind of individuals???

At this point I only have two options:

1. To take action and put ourselves in danger by approaching these criminals to find justice (the results might be a good subject for the Media)

2. To spend my future baby's food and clothes money on Solicitors and bring Rother Council to the Court? I might not have enough money, therefore I'm thinking very serious at the first option...

Unless you might have anything to help us? (08/11/2016)

A. The council works continually with the Police, Social Housing Providers, Social workers, and other agencies to investigate and put in place measures to reduce the impact of crime and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) that residents of Rother experience.

We encourage residents to report Anti-Social Behaviour such as drug use, nuisance neighbours etc

Rother District Council no longer provides any Social Housing which was previously known as Council Housing. This is now provided by Social Housing Providers like those listed above. All Landlords whether in the private rented sector or Social Housing Providers have tenancy agreements which restrict Anti Social Behaviour caused by their tenants and the people who visit their properties..

Once the issues have been reported the Council will work with the Police to carry out a risk assessment to confirm what is happening and the level of distress and risk this situation is causing you. Please formally report the incidents that are outlined in your email so that the Council can, with our partner agencies, investigate and put in place appropriate actions and responses. (10/11/2016)

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