Question 18/16


Question 18/16

Q. Please can you tell me why for the past 4 collections mine and others in my area have not had the garden bins collected on the dedicated day. If they can't collect on the day why have we not been notified? I feel that it needs sorting out so we can organise our bins so they are not just left out on the pavement, which in its self can be a hazard to pedestrians in the dark. As stated the garden bins have not been collected on the right day for the past 4 collections. (05/07/2016)

A. We are working with Kier (the contractor) to resolve this issue. Kier made us aware that one of the garden waste rounds is struggling to complete on the scheduled day. There are 2 main reasons for this, firstly the overall yields of garden waste this year are very high and secondly as a result it causes additional tip runs. Garden waste goes to the Pebsham tip where it is bulked before being transported to the composting facility in Isfield.

Our understanding is that Kier are recovering within a day or two and making a collection. This is not acceptable or to the schedule but a collection does take place.

We initially thought that this would only effect a couple of collections and then the crew would get to grips with the summer season and start completing on the scheduled day. Regrettably the issues mentioned above are still being experienced and we have asked Kier to urgently look to see if they can make an operational change to get it back on track. If there is a requirement to change collection days then we will officially confirm this by letter. (07/07/2016)

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