Question 16/16


Question 16/16

Q. I bought a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV on 27 June 2016. To my horror I have just found out that there are absolutely no EV charging points in Bexhill on Sea. The nearest charging points are in Eastbourne and St. Leonard's.

This email is written to elicit your help in obtaining at least two or more charging points in the Bexhill area. It is unbelievable when you know that EV's are the way forward for the foreseeable future and that Bexhill is so far behind in eco sustainability.  I know that grants are available and I hope that you can easily set the wheels in motion to turn around this woeful situation.

Could I suggest some possible sites which would ameliorate the current situation?  They are as follows:

1.      Ravenside Retail Park.  On a daily basis hundreds of people shop there at the major retailers. EV car owners can shop there whilst charging their cars.

2.      As above, Sainsbury's supermarket in the town centre is another possible location.

3.      Manor Barn Car Park is a large car park that many people use on a daily basis.

4.      The Bexhill on Sea promenade has a lot of parking spaces, EV owners could make use of the promenade as well as have the opportunity to charge their cars at the same time.

Please give this request some serious consideration and I look forward to hearing from you with a positive response in the very near future. (01/07/2016)

A. Thank you for your email regarding electric car infrastructure. The Council is generally supportive of such initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and supportive of both sustainable development and sustainable transport. The adopted Core Strategy (2014) outlines the planning policy framework for the district up to 2028. I refer you to Policy TR3: Access and New Development (iii) which stipulates support for the provision of  electric car charging infrastructure.

Policy TR3: Access and New Development

New development should minimise the need to travel and support good access to employment, services and communities facilities, as well as ensure adequate, safe access arrangements. Development will be permitted where mitigation against transport impacts which may arise from that development or cumulatively with other proposals is provided. This will be achieved through the submission of a transport assessment, transport statement or travel plan78, and where it is appropriate through:

i. Ensuring that new developments in their design and layout prioritise the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and minimise the distance to local public transport nodes;

ii. Working with the relevant agencies to seek funding for contributions for improvements to local infrastructure needed to facilitate highway capacity and safety and/or public transport accessibility and capacity, where this is necessary to serve the new development; and

iii. Provision of electric vehicles charging infrastructure.

In 2014 Rother District Council applied for funding for electric charging points as part of the "eV South East Network Project", unfortunately the identified sites, including Bexhill and Rye, did not meet the criteria for installation, therefore the works were not completed. (04/07/2016)

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