Question 09/16


Question 09/16

Q. when is something going to be done about the phone system. my wife is unable to use the computer and has been trying for two days to get through to the Council Tax dept to pay a bill and for the dept to rectify an error made by the dept after my wife had given the information in August 2015 via the phone. Access via the phone is virtually impossible , not at all customer friendly. whoever set up the system should take a look at bbc1 in the mornings at Wigan Council who take half a million calls from local people for various services and there is a need to remember who pays the local Tax Bills and who the Council staff work for. The present system is very poor. (11/04/2016)

A. I apologise that your wife has not been able to successfully contact us by telephone.  We have been extremely busy following the issue of the 2016/17 Council Tax bills and I can assure you that we have had every available officer taking calls.  Furthermore, over this peak period of resident contact staff leave is restricted to a minimum.  There are alternative methods of contact available which I can see you have utilised before.

We have had to reduce our staffing over the last four years following the reduction in government funding.  Ultimately this does mean that there will be periods of time when we are unable to satisfy the demands of all our residents.  Last year Rother dealt with just over 83,000 calls.  I can assure you that Rother District Council operates to give a value of money service to its residents.  I can see that we have successfully made contact with you now and assisted you with your enquiry.  (14/04/2016)


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