Question 08/16


Question 08/16

Q. I am unsure who to contact after a dog attack on my mother a few months ago.

We have contacted her MP, Police and the dog wardens and have had absolutely no help at all. She has been a resident of Bexhill for approximately 25 years after retiring.

Basically what did happen was she was up at Galley Hill and was knocked over by a very large, very friendly dog and broke her arm. She's 80 years old. The owner of these dogs showed little or no concern when she saw my mother being pushed to the ground by her out of control dogs.

Luckily my mother was with a friend who took her immediately to hospital. She was in a cast for 2 months.

This is nothing against the dogs, they weren't being vicious, just over friendly and obviously out of control by their owner who had no way of controlling them and didn't even attempt to call them back.

This has caused my mother unknown pain and expense whilst she has been out of action and unable to drive and being the independent woman she is. She's also been recently bereaved, which is why she was up at Galley Hill, visiting the bench that we had erected in memory of my father.

If you could let me know who to contact or if you could pass these details on as we are quite honestly astounded that no one is interested in finding this woman to prevent some other elderly being  knocked over and breaking a limb.

My mother was once very confident and has lost all this confidence.

Someone needs to help her with this and we are at a loss to know who. Her MP, Police and dog wardens have been no help at all.

I look forward to your reply by return. (22/03/2016)

A. Firstly I was sorry to hear that your mother was injured by an out of control dog at Galley Hill and hope that she has made a full recovery. I would have expected a responsible dog owner to have checked how your mother was, but clearly this didn't happen.

I have checked our Byelaws for open spaces and there is no requirement for dogs to be on leads. We only have "Dogs on Leads" at Egerton Park and Manor Gardens in Bexhill. However it is against the law to let a dog be dangerously out of control in a public place, see

We do not employ any dog wardens or park rangers so any incidents like this would need to be reported to the police, as you have indicated that you have done on this occasion. (05/04/2016)


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