Question 05/16


Question 05/16

Q. How often is North Trade Road, Battle, (the A271), swept by the road sweeper. (16/02/2016)

A. There is a statutory code of practice which relates to the provision of street sweeping services.  This code sets out standards and response times rather than specifying frequency sweeps.  The purpose in this approach is to encourage councils, and their contractors, to be more flexible in use of resources to direct them at busier, more populated areas which become littered more quickly,  rather than to adhere to a strict regime of frequency sweeping which may be an under, or over, provision.

Notwithstanding the above, there does need to be some programme of work to ensure all areas are covered and in accordance with the set standards. Accordingly, there will be some element of frequency provision, particularly in the busier areas, since experience dictates this to be necessary.  For instance, to meet the standards Battle High Street will need to be cleaned at least once, possibly twice a day, and this is provided for. However, should a complete clean not be necessary on, say the second visit, then only that work necessary to meet standards is carried out and resources then deployed to other areas requiring work.

In the case of the North Trade Road the section between the Police Station and Claverham School is attended to at approximately weekly intervals.  From Claverham School to the District boundary at the A269 at approximately four weekly intervals.  I would stress that these periods are guides only and  can vary depending upon prevailing conditions.

I trust you will find this information helpful and give some guide to how services are provided in the context of the 200 square miles of the District. (19/02/2016)


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