Question 04/16


Question 04/16

Q. Thank you for replying to my question (Q3). Your reply does not answer my question, I wanted to know how the license fee of £396 was achieved, which I think is a reasonable question when the license fee has more than doubled in recent years. This year the license fee has again risen by 10% which when taking into account that wages and the CPI are so low is in the opinion of the beach hut owners excessive. Could you please advise why such a increase in the license was necessary. (15/02/2016)

A. The provision of site licenses for beach huts is not a statutory service therefore as a minimum the costs have to be met by the users and not via a subsidy from the public purse. The charge of £396 was set in Feb 2015 and covered the predicted costs of the service for the 2016/17 licence plus a small surplus, a total rise of 10% on the previous year, however due to a review of Non-Domestic Rates by the valuation office in July 2015 the costs of the service rose to those supplied in our response to your original enquiry. I can confirm that the calculation on how the £396 was met was based on the costs already provided with the exception of a lower Non-Domestic Rate charge plus a small surplus bringing the total increase to 10%.

Please be aware that as a non-statutory service Rother District Council is not restricted to only covering costs and can, if agreed by Elected Members, raise charges to make a surplus.

If you are no longer satisfied with the charges in place for beach hut site licences we can advise that a waiting list is in place for the service and should you wish to surrender your licence Rother District Council can arrange the transfer of the site licence and assist with the sale of your beach hut. (18/02/2016)

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