Question 02/16


Question 02/16

Q. Can you tell me why the county council have set a council tax rate of 4% when the consultation period for residents has not yet expired let alone you having the time to see our observations so this was a pointless exercise in consulting us YET AGAIN (10/02/2016)

A. East Sussex County Council carried out their own consultation process and subsequently set their Council Tax precept at their Council meeting on Tuesday, 9 February.

Rother District Council's part of the tax is set each year by the Council.  This year our Council Tax will be decided at full Council on Monday, 22 February after our consultation period has closed on Tuesday, 16 February.

Rother District Council collects Council Tax on behalf of East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police Authority, East Sussex Fire Authority and the Town/Parish Councils, who set their own precepts. (10/02/2016)

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