Question 01/16


Question 01/16

Q. My aged mother-in law (88yrs) is extremely poorly served by the refuse collection contractor for Beckley. She is supposed to have an assisted collection. In spite of persistent complaints to the 'team' about her bin being missed they continue to do so. Why is the contractor not being taken to task over this issue ? I know you should not be expected to get involved in this sort of thing, but we are sick of trying to get it resolved for her. (27/01/2016)

A. Thank you for your contact through the Ask the Leader form.

Firstly, I should like to apologise for the inconsistency of service your mother-in-law has been receiving. When missed collections have been reported, these are handled through a common reporting system shared between the Council and its contractor.  Both parties therefore automatically share common information. All reports logged are expected to be acted upon by the contractor but, should this not happen, we can, and do, intervene to ensure the contractor is fully aware of uncorrected problems.  Whilst this has happened in connection with the missed collections reported at your mother-in-law's property, the expected result has not transpired.  However, we have again pursued this matter at a higher level within the contractor's organisation and we have been given an undertaking that collections will be restored to schedule and that increased supervision will be exercised to ensure the correct level of service is maintained.  The Council can, and does, pursue the performance provisions within the contract to endeavour to resolve poor service.

The manager at Kier has apologised that matters have remained outstanding for so long and has assured us that he will take the necessary actions to correct service. (08/02/2016)

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