Subscribe to the Garden Waste Service


PLEASE  NOTE: Subscriptions will be closing on the 1st April to prepare for the renewals and when they reopen the charge will be £35.00 per container which will cover the service until 15th July 2020.  If you choose to continue to subscribe now, there will be a charge of £18.00 per container for the remainder of this years subscription period until 14th July 2019 and then a further £35.00 for the 2019/20 subscription period. Unfortunately, due to low stock - we can only provide a maximum of 1 bin per new subscription 


Subscribe to the Garden Waste Service

Our Garden Waste service is now open for new subscriptions

The garden waste service is an annual subscription running from 15th July through to 14th July of the following year. Please be aware this period is fixed and applies to all registrations no matter what point of the year you join the service. The service does not run for a full year from the date you register and pay.

Pay for a Garden Waste service

In order to subscribe to the Garden Waste service you will need to set up a direct debit which will be done as part of the registration process. Before registering please read the full terms and conditions for the service, by joining the scheme you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 

pdf icon Garden waste terms and conditions [268kb]

If you currently receive a weekly sack collection for your household waste then it is unlikely that we will be able to provide a garden waste service. Firstly it is unlikely you will have space for the collection container and secondly the larger collection vehicles used for Garden Waste are unlikely to be able collect from your area.

Once registered and paid you should receive your bin within 6 weeks ready to start the service. A calendar showing your collection days will be available online within 7 days of payment being received.

Subscribe to the Garden Waste Service

In the unfortunate event that a Garden Waste service cannot be provided to your property

Other options include:


How does the service work?

We will provide up to three 240 litre brown wheelie bins for your garden waste.

  • The bin(s) will be emptied fortnightly from the edge of your property, at the point nearest the highway
  • Collection day may not be the same day as the household waste and recycling
  • Garden waste will only be collected from brown bins.
  • Garden waste is suspended for a 2 week period over Christmas
  • Full details of what you put in the bin can be downloaded
    pdf icon What goes in your Garden Waste bin [372kb]

Assisted collections

If you are already receiving an assisted collection, then this will also apply to garden waste collections when you subscribe to the service.


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