Food and Health and Safety Performance


Food and Health and Safety Performance

The Food and Safety Team routinely inspect all food businesses and certain other businesses for health and safety in the Rother area.

We also deal a wide range of complaints and service requests, including giving advice to new businesses.

We also investigate accidents in the workplace, mainly those that cause serious injury or health problems to staff or members of the public.

Food and Health and Safety Complaints and Service Requests

Complaint / Service Request Type2016/172017/182018/19
Dog Complaint23529
Food Complaints11413
Food Hygiene Complaints436062
Food - New Business Advice25811
Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Appeals200
Food - Other / Miscellaneous413021
Health and Safety Service Requests778270
Health and Safety - New Business Advice310


Inspection Type2016/172017/182018/19
Programmed Food Inspections418450444
Additional Food Inspections1068563
Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Re score Visits281928


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