Annual Canvass


Personal canvassers will be visiting soon, if you need help with your Household Enquiry Form, they will be able to help you.

Annual Canvass

The Annual Canvass

Every year the Elections Team  write to every household* in Rother

We send a form called a "Household Enquiry Form"

We ask residents to check the form to make sure that we have the names of everyone who lives in the household

We call this the Annual Canvass

The information you send us helps us keep the electoral register up to date


*A household can be made up of people who live in a house, flat, static caravan, room in a hostel or a care home.

One person from the household should respond to the Household Enquiry Form for the whole household


During the canvass we must:

Send a household enquiry form to every household

Send a reminder household enquiry form if we do not get a response

Send a Personal Canvasser to help you with your household enquiry form if we still have not had a response

We must use the wording given to us by the Electoral Commission

We must warn you that we have the power to fine you if you do not respond


Personal Canvassers are staff employed by the Council to help us complete the Annual Canvass

Interested in working as a canvasser?  Apply Here

If you have a question about a personal canvasser please contact us using the form below


Canvass Frequently Asked Questions:


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